How is the process if I want to send back (change, return) articles?

First of all you have to state towards CARUBINA that you want to return something. The easiest way is to use the notice of revocation you find under or you write an email to or a letter to CARUBINA GMBH, BREIDENHOFERSTRASSE 9, 42781 HAAN, GERMANY.

If your return is a reclamataion (wrong delivery or defect article) please write us an email to or use the complaint form.


Please send package back to:

42781 HAAN

Where can I find the return document?

You find in each package a return document. In case it got lost you can download it here.

How can I exchange an article?

If you want to exchange one or more arcticles please follow the points below:
– Fill in exchange card
– Fill in the return document
– Put both documents with styles you want to exchange tot he package.
If exchange card got lost you can download it here.
Our exchange period is maximum 14 days after you have receip your order. The purchaser will bear the costs for the return. For the shipping of the exchange goods there will be no forwarding charges again.

What should I do with incorrect delivery?

In this case please contact us via email to or fill in and send us the complaint form and send it to us. In such a case we pay fort he return delivery, by sending you a return document of our shipping company. If you choose for return another shipping company then ours you have to pay for the delivery.

How can I claim an article?

In the case that an article we delivered is not fine you need to contact us via email and you can send it back free of charge. In this case we will send you a return document of our shipping company via email. Please send us an email to with a short explanation of the defect or you use our complaint form. If you choose for return another shipping company then ours you have to pay for the delivery. The claimed article has to be returned to us not later then 14 days after you have informed us about the claim. After having examined the case we will offer you a repair work, an exchange or a refund accorndance to the method of payment. The process time of a reclamation can take up tot wo weeks.

PLEASE NOTE: A WRONG ORDERED SIZE OR DISLIKEMENT OF AN ARTICLE IS NOT A REASON OF RECLAMATION! We reserve the right to request pictures of the defect before we authorize the return.

Shipping costs and delivery times

Country: Costs: delivery time:
Germany 0,00€ 1-3 Werktage
EU member states 13€ 3-4 Werktage
Switzerland 13€ 5-9 Werktage
Sweden 13€ 3-4 Werktage
Norway 13€ 3-4 Werktage
UK 13€ 3-4 Werktage
Russia 20€ 5-9 Werktage
Ukraine 20€ 5-9 Werktage
USA 25€ 5-9 Werktage
United Arabic Emirates 25€ 5-9 Werktage
Australia, New Zealand 30€ 5-9 Werktage
Japan, China, Singapore 30€ 5-9 Werktage
Zypern 13€ 4-5 Werktage
Other Countries 30€ 5-9 Werktage

The delivery to dutiable countries takes normally 5-9 working days.

Please note that the ensureance of the goods as well as the costs of the accompanying documents are paid by the purchaser.
Please note that for each country beyond the european union an individual import-turnover tax, custom duties as well as settlement fee will be charged by the parcel delivery company. Non of these costs will be refund in case of return!